Design & Consulting Services Offered by

Knott Benson Engineering

            Heating and air conditioning


        Steam and hot water distribution

        Boiler and Chiller plantsFume Hood Exhuast Fans at NCCU Research Facility

        Energy conservation analysis

        Fire protection

        Emergency Power

        Building electrical systems

        Power Generation and Cogeneration

        Medium Voltage Distribution

        Outdoor lighting

        Sports lighting

        Communication Systems

        Fire Alarm

        Short Circuit Analysis

            Information Technology



                        In the Areas of:Western Wake Hospital, Cary NC

                       Health Care

                   Public & Private Schools

                   College and University



                   Theatres & Auditoriums


                   Office Buildings

                   Detention Facilities


Our Engineers are Registered in the Following States:


    North Carolina               South Carolina

    Virginia                          Florida

    Georgia                          New York

    Alabama                        Ohio

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